Statement  2024-02

I have been an artist for over 20 years after graduating in Fine Art in 2003. I have been based in Liverpool, Hull, Bristol, London, currently Dublin and soon Helsinki. I have participated in many group and solo exhibitions as well as curated group shows.

Alongside my art practice, I have worked as an art technician, working with numerous artists and curators, installing many exhibitions at high profile art institutions and universities. This has served as a second education, directly informing and influencing my art practice.

A significant reference point is early 20th century painting, with its focus on melding scientific thinking with art and the impulse of Modernism. Artists such as Paul Klee, the early work of Léger and Cézanne in particular. The current digital art movement shows parallels to the early 20th century epoch in terms of technology raising consciousness to another level.

From 2010-2021, I used video as the source material for physical paintings. Drawing was done while viewing live video and the subsequent drawings contained a certain immediacy, which carried through into meticulously worked acrylic paintings, using masking as a means of quantifying form.

I see pixel art as an extension of painting, where the previous image-generation processes are carried through, but are taken further by utilising the liberating tools of infinite reworking, animation, copy-pasting and dithering. There are many current digital artists who fascinate and influence including Gio Mariani, Edmarola, Sabato, Stalomir, cap’n, haydiroket, elbi, lubitel bliznih, Kerim Safa and Francoise Gamma to name but a few…

The digital art scene is incredibly exciting, rewarding and emancipating, especially when compared to the tightly gate-kept traditional art world. The support of other artists, the ease of collecting each others work as well as the option to have editions and the royalty system, for the first time enabling artists to be truly independent and not reliant upon galleries.

All of my work is freehand drawn with a tablet, utilising my own colour palette, which was based on PICO-8 and new tones are added with each piece. My process references photos of places I have been and fuses them with current interests including ancient technologies, past and future lives, multiple universes, a questioning of science and all experience beyond that of the human senses. The grand aim, knowingly idealistic, is to understand how the universe works. 

All current work is now exhibited at

N3XTWAVE Collective

Digital art collective from Europe.


Solo Exhibitions

2017  It's like trying to describe an elephant by only looking at its tail, no format Gallery, London

2015  Reacting To Reactions, Picnic, Reading

2015  Network/Fence/Cage, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

2014  Series 13, Tobacco Factory, Bristol

2013  Fanfare for the Common Man, Parlour Showrooms, Bristol

2012  Art in the Bar: Nicholas Dietrich, Chapter Gallery, Cardiff

2010  Dark Paintings, Casa De Brujas, Liverpool

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022  Autumn Exhibition, Karen Tronel Gallery, London

2021  Through The Mirage, Fitzrovia Gallery, London - Curated

2021  Hidden, Online, Royal College of Art, London

2020  Hidden, Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2019  Perpetual Shift, The Koppel Project Central, London - Curated

2018  Hidden, Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2017  Hidden, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2015  Occurrens, Acme Studios, Deptford, London

2015  #7, Reel Case Gallery, Bristol

2013  Mick, Mick, Nikki, Mick, Bishop Fleming, Bath

2012  One Night Stand, Trade Gallery, Nottingham (touring)

2012  The Three Corners of a Triangle Squared, Spike Island, Bristol

2011  Manchester Contemporary, Spinningfields, Manchester

2011  Nothing Gold Can Stay, Angelika Studios, High Wycombe

2010  The Museum Of Accumulation, Casa de Brujas, Liverpool

2009  Sale, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

2008  The National Open Art Exhibition, Chichester (touring)

2008. Profilo d'Arte, Musea della Permanente, Milan (touring)

2008  The Lost Soul And Stranger Service Station, The Bluecoat, Liverpool

2008  North By Northwest, Red Wire, Liverpool

2007  Celeste Art Prize, Old Truman Brewery, London (touring)

2007  Art In A Building, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool

Nicholas Dietrich

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